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 Pancake with mixed berry, maple syrup and whipped cream



KHOB KHUN means thank you.

This is one of the common and magical words in Thai language that can bring a smile to you. When you say this word and truly mean it, you will be amazed how it can lift your spirit and brighten up your day.

Walking into KHOB KHUN is like coming 'home'. It is the owners' dream to cook and serve homemade food to the neighborhood just like the way they enjoy their food at home. After 10 years of working in the restaurant industry and hotels, they decided to create a restaurant that serves food with LOVE in a cozy atmosphere with the friendly service.

So here we are, ready to serve our guests! Most of our menu items are freshly made in house. Each day every egg is cracked by hand and fresh ingredients are put together to make your favorite dishes. We hope you enjoy!

American breakfast available only on Friday - Sunday.

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